Online Registration

Eligible students may register for all TVCC courses via the online registration system available through MyCardinalConnect. Once a student has been admitted to the college and visited with an advisor, they may register online. Online registration occurs at specific times during the year. Check the college calendar for dates of registration. During online registration, students may change their schedule by dropping and adding courses in the MyCardinalConnect portal.

Who is Eligible to Register Online through MyCardinalConnect?

  1. Students who have met admissions requirements, including advising for first time college students;
  2. Students who are currently enrolled;
  3. Students who have previously attended and have submitted a new TVCC application of admissions. (Students who have missed a fall or spring semester must complete and submit a new application for admission.)

Who is Not Eligible to Register Online through MyCardinalConnect?

  1. Students currently on an academic probation - these students must meet with their advisor prior to enrolling for another semester
  2. Students currently on an academic suspension - these students must meet with the academic review board prior to enrolling for another semester;
  3. Students who have completed 30 semester credit hours and not visited with an advisor.  All students must see an advisor at the completion of 30 semester hours to plan completion of degree requirements or goals.
  4. Students who are currently in high school.
  5. Students who are not TSI complete.

Who Must See an Advisor Prior to Registering Online?

TVCC believes that all students benefit from academic advising; however, they have the opportunity to self-enroll and register through their MyCardinalConnect portal if they meet the eligibility criteria under “Who is eligible to register online through MyCardinalConnect?” .

Otherwise, students must see an advisor before they are allowed to register online if they:

  1. Are first-time college students (including students who were previously dual credit students but are now at TVCC as full or part-time students);
  2. Are not TSI (Texas Success Initiative) complete in one or more areas 
  3. Need to have transfer credits applied from another institution;
  4. Are on academic probation;
  5. Have completed 30 semester hours of college credit.