TSI Testing Requirements

Texas Success Initiative Program (TSI)

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI),  is mandated by Texas law and went into effect in September of 2003. The purpose of TSI is to ensure that all students enrolling in public higher education in Texas possess the academic skills needed to perform effectively in college-level coursework. TSI includes a testing component designed to identify and provide diagnostic information about the reading, writing and mathematics skills of each student.  On January 11, 2021, the new version of the exam went into effect and is now known as the TSIA2. The new TSIA 2.0 includes an integrated reading and writing section (ELAR). Students who have not reached the college ready score for enrollment prior to the effective date must take the new TSIA 2.0. Students who are retesting in the Reading and/or Writing sections cannot combine TSIA and TSIA2 test results. 

Students who do not receive the minimum required score on an approved TSI assessment are required to enroll in co-requisite courses or participate in other activities designed to assist the students in overcoming the academic deficiencies identified by that assessment.

The state approved assessment instrument is the TSI Assessment.

Assessment and Placement of Students

Prior to registering for coursework, students must submit official test scores on an approved Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test unless the student meets one of the TSI exemptions. Students who do not receive the minimum required test scores will be required to enroll in corequisite courses and remain in those courses until passing test scores in each area (reading, writing and math) are received or until passing the corequisite courses.

Students who complete the TSI assessment and meet the minimum benchmarks in effect on the date of testing will be designated as TSI complete in that area. These scores will remain valid for course placement for a period of five years from the date of testing.