Associate of Arts, Liberal Arts (Multidisciplinary) Degree

Trinity Valley Community College awards an Associate of Arts degree (AA), Liberal Arts (Multi-disciplinary) major to students who complete the AA required coursework and are interested in transferring to a college or university to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Advising personnel selected the suggested electives to provide students with introductory coursework that is university transferable. Students following these pathways earn an Associate of Arts degree (AA), Liberal Arts major with TVCC.

The vice president of instruction, the associate vice president of academic affairs, or academic advisors will provide additional information about the programs of study and assist the student in selecting a course of study.

In order to be eligible for an Associate of Arts degree (AA) Liberal Arts (Multi-disciplinary) major, students must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 semester hours of credit comprised of coursework outlined in the chart below;
  2. Complete the following additional requirements:
    • Of the 60 semester credit hours, a minimum of 15 semester credit hours in residence before graduation.
    • Maintain a grade point average of 2.0 on all TVCC courses attempted.
    • Complete TSI requirements.

AA Degree, Liberal Arts (Multidisciplinary Degree)

Below is the suggested curriculum for students who plan to transfer to a senior college or university but have not yet decided on a specific degree. Exact requirements can be determined only by the receiving institution. Students should consult an academic advisor early in their programs of study at both TVCC and the transferring institution.

Plan of Study Grid
Term OneHours
ENGL-1301 Composition I 3
HIST-1301 United States History I 3
Creative Arts 3
Learning Frameworks
or Learning Framework
Core MATH 3
Term Two
ENGL-1302 Composition II 3
HIST-1302 United States History IIÿ 3
Social & Behavioral Science 3
Suggested Pathway Elective 3
Suggested Pathway Elective 3
Term Three
GOVT-2305 Federal Government (Fed Constitution) Constitution & Topics) 3
Life & Physical Science 4
Language, Philosophy, & Culture 3
Suggested Pathway Elective 3
Suggested Pathway Elective 3
Term Four
GOVT-2306 Texas Government (Texas Constitution) Topics) 3
Life & Physical Science 4
Component Area Option 3
Suggested Pathway Elective 4
 Total Hours60

Students should contact the TVCC advising center and their transfer college or university to determine the transferability of courses and college or university requirements.

Except for BUSG-1301 Introduction to Business, BUSG-1304 Financial Literacy (formerly Known As Introduction to Financial Advising),  POFT-1301 Business English, POFT-2312 Business Correspondence and Communication, courses with the following prefixes may not be used as suggested pathway elective hours for the AA degree:

  • ABDR
  • ACNT
  • AGAH
  • AGCR
  • AGEQ
  • AGME
  • AGMG
  • ARCE
  • ARTC
  • ARTV
  • ATEX
  • AUMT
  • BASC
  • BMGT
  • BUSG
  • CARD
  • CDEC
  • CETT
  • CHLT
  • CJCR
  • CJLE
  • CJSA
  • CPRA
  • CRPT
  • CSME
  • DECO
  • DETC
  • DETO
  • DEVL
  • DFTG
  • ECRD
  • EDGO
  • EDTC
  • ELMT
  • ELPT
  • EMSP
  • FIRS
  • FIRT
  • GAME
  • GERS
  • HALT
  • HAMG
  • HART
  • HITT
  • HMSY
  • HPRS
  • HRPO
  • HYDR
  • IMED
  • INMT
  • INRW
  • ITDF
  • ITMT
  • ITNW
  • ITSC
  • ITSE
  • ITSW
  • ITSY
  • LGLA
  • MBST
  • MCHN
  • MDCA
  • MRKG
  • MRMT
  • NUPC
  • NURA
  • OSHT
  • PHRA
  • PHTC
  • PLAB
  • POFI
  • POFL
  • POFM
  • POFT
  • READ
  • RECT
  • RELE
  • RNSG
  • SRGT
  • VNSG
  • WDWK
  • WIND
  • WLDG
  • WRIT