Workforce Division

Workforce and technical education is designed to provide the educational competencies and skills required for employment in business, industry, public service, technical fields, and health services. In addition, many students enhance and upgrade their job skills for career advancement.

Trinity Valley Community College provides quality workforce and technical education programs specifically designed to meet the needs of employers located in the geographic area served by the College. Each program has an advisory committee consisting of individuals from business and industry that provide input into the curriculum, courses, equipment needs, and overall evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.

TVCC workforce and technical programs are designed to meet business and industry employment needs for a skilled workforce while meeting a broad spectrum of student interests, needs, and abilities. Students may enroll in the associate of applied science (AAS) degree program, certificate of completion (CC) program, occupational skills achievement (OSA) award, or enhanced skills certificate (CERT3) award. Each AAS program and certificate has been approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and students must complete all courses specified in the degree plan. Substitutions for any course in the AAS degree or certificate require approval of the associate vice president of workforce education.

The associate of applied science degree provides a two-year curriculum, consisting of core program courses, related courses, and general studies courses. The certificate of completion is designed to provide core courses in a workforce and technical education program that specifically and directly relate to competencies needed for employment and potential advancement in a career field. An occupational skills achievement award enables students to receive recognition (not designated on transcripts) for entry-level employment or industry-recognized certification or licensure. An enhanced skills certificate is intended to provide advanced skills, identified by business and industry, which are not part of the degree.

TVCC has implemented stackable credentials that allow students to enroll in an occupational skills achievement (OSA) award, which leads to a certificate of completion program and into the corresponding associate degree program. Many workforce and technical programs can also transition into a bachelor of applied arts and science (BAAS) degree at state universities. Please see an academic advisor for more information on pursuing a BAAS with a partnering university after completing an AAS with Trinity Valley Community College.

Services and resources are available through the Carl D. Perkins grant for students pursuing a workforce and technical education program. Assistance programs include childcare reimbursement, laptop loaners, Mifi hotspot loaners, textbook loaners, educational supplies assistance, and transportation reimbursement and are available for eligible students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to, declaration of workforce major, Pell grant eligibility, and enrollment status.  In addition, students with unique and special circumstances, including academically and economically disadvantaged, English as a second language, single parent, individuals with disabilities, a youth of a parent on active duty in the armed forces, and/or individuals aged out of foster care are also eligible. Questions regarding workforce and technical education programs at Trinity Valley Community College should call the associate vice president of workforce education at 903-675-6232.

Enrollment in Workforce & Technical Education Programs

To enroll in workforce and technical programs, the student must meet the requirements for admission to Trinity Valley Community College. Students entering certain workforce and technical programs should carefully consider their individual criminal history as it can impact the eligibility for pursuing state and national licenses. Refer to the descriptions of the individual programs on the following pages for any special requirements.

Some changes in workforce and technical programs reflected in this catalog may be pending approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and will be noted as such.

On the following pages, specific courses that are required in each of the workforce and technical education programs are outlined. The vice president of instruction, the associate vice president of workforce education, or advisors will be able to provide additional information about the programs of study and assist the student in selecting a course of study. Substitutions for any course in the AAS degree or certificate require approval of the associate vice president of workforce education.