Tuition Rebates for Certain Undergraduates

The purpose of this program is to provide a financial incentive for students to complete a bachelor's degree efficiently, taking as few courses outside your degree plan as possible. The program's goal is minimizing the number of courses you take -- saving money for you, your parents, and the State of Texas.

Eligible Students
To be eligible for rebates under this program, students must meet all of the following conditions. The student must have enrolled for the first time in an institution of higher education in the Fall 1997 semester or later; must have received a baccalaureate degree from a Texas public university; must have been a resident of Texas and entitled to pay resident tuition at all times while pursuing the degree; and must have attempted no more than three hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours required to complete the degree under the catalog under which they were graduated. Hours attempted include transfer credits, course credit earned exclusively by examination, courses dropped after the official census date and for credit developmental courses.

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