Concealed Handgun Carry

Trinity Valley Community College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and to respecting the right of individuals who are licensed to carry a handgun where permitted by law. The Concealed Handgun Carry Policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, guests, visitors, and organizations conducting business with the college on all college premises, including the Ranch Management property and Rodeo Arena. The policy does not apply to commissioned peace officers as defined by article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedures.

Concealed Handgun Carry by a Licensed Holder

A license holder may carry a concealed handgun on or about their person while on the campus premises (including public driveways, streets, sidewalks, or walkways, parking lots, parking garages and other public areas) only as specifically authorized in the Concealed Handgun Policy and Texas Statute. The entire Concealed Handgun Carry Policy may be accessed at   

Open Handgun Carry

All persons, including license holders, are prohibited from openly carrying a handgun on all Trinity Valley Community College campus premises, including on any public driveway, street, sidewalk, or walkway, parking lot, parking garage or other parking area on the campus premises.