Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Trinity Valley Community College has a Learning Resource Center (LRC) on each of the campuses to provide academic support systems for all students. These centers are located on the first floor of the Ginger Murchison Learning Resource Center building on the Athens campus, in the Anderson Building on the Palestine campus, in the M. L. Risinger Learning Resource Center building on the Terrell campus, and in room 115 of the Terrell Health Science Center. 

In addition to the four campus LRCs, remote access to the library catalog and online databases is available for all students, including those enrolled in distance education and off-campus instructional sites. Support is available (either in person or virtually) to any group or individual student who seeks assistance with any of the services provided by the LRC.

Generally, all campuses have study areas, circulating books, reference books, digital books, reserve materials, coin-operated copy machines, newspapers, computers, and access to online databases. Books are classified by the Library of Congress Classification system and housed in open stacks. Online public access catalogs are available in each Learning Resource Center for searching the collection. For orientation, training and information about online services, see the library staff.

The hours of operation are posted both on the LRC’s webpage and at each campus location. A current TVCC identification card is required for transactions. Books, computers and other materials are available for academic research and class assignments. All provided resources are designed for use by the college student for academic purposes and personal enrichment.