Student Rights and Responsibilities

Freedom of Educational Opportunity

Trinity Valley Community College seeks to provide educational opportunity for all applicants for admission without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.

Policy of Rights, Conduct and Responsibilities

The board of trustees of Trinity Valley Community College expects employees, students, visitors and guests to the College to accept the following responsibilities:

  • Comply with and support of duly constituted civil authority.
  • Respect the rights of others and cooperate to ensure that such rights are maintained, whether or not one agrees with the views of those exercising such rights.
  • Cooperate to ensure that the will of the majority is implemented after due consideration, but not to include the suppression of the minority.
  • Exercise disagreement in a responsible manner and within a framework compatible with the orderly resolution of differences.
  • Knowledge of and active support of college regulations.

Upon registering at Trinity Valley Community College, the student acknowledges the authority of the College and agrees to abide by any regulation concerning students and student organizations.


All hearings and records pertaining to such will be considered educational records and will be treated in compliance with current law. This means there will be no disclosure of file contents outside of the College without the written permission of the student, unless a legal exception exists. Disclosure within the College will be limited to those employees having legitimate need of the information to conduct college business. Disclosure to victims of violent crimes and non-forcible sex offenses will be handled according to current law. Hearings will be closed to the public.

Public or Directory Information

In compliance with the Texas Public Information Act and the Buckley Amendment (Public Law 93-579), TVCC will consider the following information to be “public or directory information” unless the individual student properly advises the registrar’s office in writing that his/her name not be included or released as public information:

Year of birth
Current & permanent address           
Telephone listing
Number of hours enrolled current semester   
Email address
Degrees & awards received
Dates of attendance            
Participation in officially recognized activities & sports
Weight & height of members of athletic teams
All previous educational agencies or institutions attended

Individuals requesting information on a student must complete the appropriate form and show identification. Contact the registrar’s office for more information.

Trinity Valley Community College assumes that failure on the part of any student to specifically request the withholding of “directory information” indicates individual approval for disclosure.

Student Travel

Students required to attend College sponsored events located 25 or more miles from a TVCC campus may be provided transportation options by the College at the expense of the College. The transportation options may include but are not limited to a TVCC owned car, a TVCC owned SUV, a TVCC owned van, a TVCC owned bus, a TVCC owned pickup, or a charter bus arranged by TVCC.

While traveling to College sponsored events via TVCC arranged transportation, the driver who is operating a College District student must:

  • Be a College District employee or a person supplied through a contract service provider utilized by the facilities management department and approved by facilities management supervisory personnel. Qualified students may operate 15 passenger vans only with the advanced approval from the management of the transportation department.
  • Hold a valid Texas driver’s license or obtain a Texas driver’s license within 90 days of employment. A driver of a commercial motor vehicle must have a Texas commercial driver’s license.
  • Have an acceptable driving record as confirmed through standard College District driver evaluation procedures.
  • Ensure that all passengers and the driver wear seat belts at all times.
  • Present his or her driver’s license when acquiring the key(s) to the College District vehicle.

The driver shall ensure that the number of passengers does not exceed the designed capacity of the vehicle.

A driver shall not operate a vehicle for more than six consecutive hours without taking a 20-minute break or a relief from driving.