Adding and/or Dropping Courses

After classes begin, schedule change procedures must be initiated in the Advisement Center. 

No course may be changed or added after the deadline date designated by the College calendar.

In order for a drop to be processed, on or before the published drop deadline, students should either:


Visit the Advisement Center for assistance, if needed.

A student who officially drops from one or more courses will receive the grade of W if such drop is completed on or before the withdrawal deadline specified in the college calendar. It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop a course or verify that the instructor has initiated the drop procedure.

A student wishing to completely withdraw from the college must submit a Student Drop Request.

It is the student’s responsibility to check with the Financial Aid Office to see what implications may result from dropping one or more courses. Note: If a student receives Title IV funds (Pell, FSEOG and/or student loans) and withdraws from TVCC, he/she may owe a refund to the Department of Education. This should be verified by the financial aid office prior to withdrawing.