Academic Pathway Planning and Student Success


TVCC Alert

TVCC Alert is a mass notification system that can notify individuals who register to receive them with text messages on their mobile phones. With 90% of college students having mobile phones, this method of communication can increase safety on the TVCC campuses. Upon registering for the TVCC alert system, time-sensitive messages are disseminated immediately. In addition to mobile phones, TVCC Alert enables TVCC administration to send important campus information to you via: website, email, phone message and social media channels. Visit the TVCC IT webpage to register for TVCC Alert.


MyCardinalConnect portal is the student information system used by the College. This system provides all TVCC students, regardless of their campus affiliation or instructional mode of delivery, access to a variety of applications that support and enhance their learning opportunities with TVCC. With their MyCardinalConnect access, students are able to:

  • Register for classes during the registration period;
  • Change class schedule during the registration period (before classes begin);
  • View/print unofficial transcripts;
  • View/print class schedule;
  • Drop a class after the official census day of the semester (Students are encouraged to visit with an advisor and the financial aid office prior to dropping a class);
  • Print degree audit (progress);
  • Check final grades at the end of each semester;
  • Verify financial aid awards;
  • View/pay tuition and fees;
  • Print a copy of W-2 and 1098-T information;
  • Apply for graduation.

Electronic Communication

TVCC students are required to use their TVCC Canvas account for communication and work in their courses, and their TVCC email account for all other electronic communication. In order to ensure the identity of the student communicating electronically, TVCC administration, faculty and staff will not reply to student communication that is sent through an email account other than their TVCC issued email account or TVCC Canvas account.

Official Summons

Administrative officers of the College may request that a student come to discuss matters concerning records, financial affairs, conduct, educational programs or other affairs. These requests are Official Summons. Failure to respond to an official summons may result in formal disciplinary action.

Student Pathways

The purpose of the Student Pathways department is to provide students with necessary tools to successfully choose a career path.   It is our mission to provide continuous advising support to ensure the student stays on the right pathway to achieve their educational and career goals.  The Student Pathways department is comprised of the Academic Advisement Center.

Academic Advisement Center

The Academic Advisement Center provides excellence in advising while building relationships with students and supporting them in achieving their academic goals. The advising staff is committed to creating a supportive, student-friendly atmosphere; to encouraging students to set academic and career goals; to empower students to reach their goals; and to provide individual academic guidance through quality advisement while maintaining confidentiality and honoring the dignity and potential of each student. For additional information, contact the Academic Advising Center at

Athens:  903-675-6350
Palestine: 903-723-7046
Terrell: 972-563-4904
Terrell Health Science Center:  469-614-3800
Online: Academic Advisement Center

TVCC Career Center

The TVCC Career Center's physical location is on the Athens campus in the Baugh Technology Center.  It is available for all students, regardless of instructional location or mode of delivery, to assist with information on the various majors, career exploration, and finding employment. Individual career guidance is available to help students identify possible career matches based on interests, values, personality preferences, skills, and goals. The career center webpage has links to many useful resources. TVCC Career Center is committed to providing support to our students and recent alumni in the life-long career development process by:

  • Facilitating career and self-exploration; students are encouraged to access the TVCC Career Coach program, available on the TVCC workforce education and advising webpages. Enter “career coach” in the TVCC search box to access this very useful resource;
  • Helping students identify and participate in experiential learning opportunities;
  • Engaging students in the career decision-making process;
  • Educating students and recent alumni on the professional job search process;
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with alumni, faculty, the community, and employers;
  • Creating a learner-centered environment by making services and resources available through technology. 

TVCC Career Coach is computer software that TVCC purchases to provide students with information about a variety of career path options. Visit Career Coach to complete a career assessment, research career opportunities, browse TVCC programs, create/edit resumes, and access local job opportunities.

Cardinal Success Center

The Cardinal Success Center (CSC) provides students with resources to maximize learning and overcome barriers in the pursuit of furthering their education at TVCC. The CSC offers a spacious lab and study center, and tutoring services. The CSC is located on the Athens campus, but any currently enrolled academic student from any campus with a valid TVCC-issued ID card is welcome to use the services. The CSC webpage contains additional information regarding the services offered. 

The CSC on the Athens campus and Open Learning Labs on the Palestine and Terrell campuses are academic support facilities. The labs provide resources to maximize students’ learning potential, personal adjustment and academic performance at the collegiate level. The purpose of the CSC and labs are to enhance academic skills, increase retention rates and provide an environment supportive of student success.

Students visiting the CSC or open labs will be offered access to peer and professional tutors for course work as well as comfortable areas for groups and individual study, computers, calculators, headphones, and webcams to use for course work or personal work. The CSC facility is on the Athens campus located on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center, room 246. The Open Learning Labs is available in the Library on the Palestine Campus and Learning Resource Building on the Terrell Campus. 


TVCC's tutoring services are provided to students in the CSC and Open Learning Labs. Tutoring services include peer and professional tutoring at no charge to all TVCC credit students.  Tutors conduct individual and group tutoring sessions on a scheduled or drop-in basis. No appointment is necessary for drop-in tutoring.  VIRTUAL tutoring that is done in the comfort of your own home is available. Specialized Math and English Tutoring (MET) is available on each TVCC campus. 

To schedule an appointment or ask any questions, submit your information

Additional information regarding tutoring services is available on the TVCC tutoring services webpage

Student Retention

The purpose of the Student Retention office is to enhance existing programs and develop new programs designed to increase overall student success, retention and graduation rates.  The following programs are designed to increase and aid in retention:

Cardinal Academic Retention and Engagement (CARE) Program 

To help our students avoid suspension, the CARE program requires all students on academic probation or suspension to schedule an appointment for success advising each semester. At this time, the retention department will attempt to determine what factors are hindering the student's academic success and make appropriate referrals. The retention coordinator will also explain the minimum standards the student must achieve in the current semester to end probation and/or avoid suspension from the college. The goal of a customized success agreement is to help students reach graduation through intentional support and advising. Each student will review a customize contract developed based on his/her specific needs to be successful. 

Student Success Class - CARD 2011 and 2012

The purpose of CARD 2011 and CARD 2012 course is to promote student success as they are designed to support, challenge and assist returning students who have fallen below a desired grade point average (GPA). Topics covered include class organization, academic attributes, stress management and more.

At-risk students, including those on scholastic probation, are encouraged and/or required to participate in the CARD 2011 and CARD 2012 Student Success class.

Cardinal Pride Orientation

Cardinal Pride orientation is designed to prepare the student for their academic careers. Scheduled sessions are designed to focus on a variety of academic and social needs using advisement and registration as well as new student interaction with faculty, staff, orientation leaders and other incoming students. Sessions are provided to give new students information in areas such as: financial aid, housing, campus safety/police, MyCardinalConnect portal access and features, bookstore, and TVCC Alert system. Orientation is also available online for students who do not attend in-person. Click here to find out more!