Academic Probation and Suspension

Cardinal Academic Retention and Engagement (CARE) Program

Students whose current or cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 for the first time or completely withdraws after census are placed on scholastic probation. Students who are on scholastic probation will need to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration and determine a Cardinal Academic Retention and Engagement (CARE) Plan with the Retention Coordinator. The Retention Coordinator will attempt to determine what factor's are hindering the student's academic success and make appropriate referrals and explain the minimum academic standards the student much achieve in the current semester to end probation and/or avoid suspension from the college.  Students whose current or cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0 for the following semester will be placed on academic suspension and need to appear before TVCC's Academic Review Board (ARB) each semester until their academic standing improves to above a 2.0 grade point average. The ARB reviews the performance of each student on scholastic suspension and establishes success parameters intended to promote their future success at TVCC. The ARB members are determine based on each students' CARE plan which was developed to help students avoid suspension. The goal of a customized plan is to help students reach graduation through intentional support and advising. 

Students on academic probation and suspension will be assigned to the student success intervention course CARD-2011 Student Success or CARD-2012 Student Success. The purpose of CARD-2011 Student Success and CARD-2012 Student Success courses are to promote student success as they are designed to support, challenge and assist returning students who have fallen below a desired grade point average (GPA). Topics covered include class organization, academic attributes, stress management and more.

While on scholastic probation and suspension, students will not be able to register online.

Scholastic Suspension

A student currently on scholastic probation whose cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0 is placed on scholastic suspension and may be denied readmission to the college for the next semester. The student may appeal this action to the Retention Coordinator if there are extenuating circumstances that may have affected his or her ability to achieve a 2.0 GPA. The Retention Coordinator may prescribe specific courses, limit the number of semester credit hours and require the student to be enrolled in CARD-2012 Student Success. A student who does not follow the requirements as specified will be subject to dismissal from the college.

Readmission of Scholastic Suspension Students

With approval of the Retention Coordinator and after a period of scholastic suspension, a student may be readmitted with a scholastic probationary status. Students readmitted under this protocol will be placed on scholastic suspension for one calendar year if they again fail to meet the requirements for removal from probation at any time.

Students receiving V.A. benefits should consult the academic progress requirements as specified in this catalog under the “Information for Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States” section.