Career Coach and Workforce Education Advising

Career counseling, academic advisement, and job placement are available for students enrolled in workforce and technical education programs at Trinity Valley Community College. Student support assistance is provided by the Carl D. Perkins Grant. Assistance programs include childcare reimbursement, laptop loaners, Mifi hotspot loaners, textbook loaners, educational supplies, and transportation reimbursement and are available for eligible students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Eligibility requirements include, but are not limited to, declaration of workforce major, Pell grant eligibility, and enrollment status.  In addition, students with unique and special circumstances, including academically and economically disadvantaged, English as a second language, single parent, individuals with disabilities, a youth of a parent on active duty in the armed forces, and/or individuals aged out of foster care are also eligible. 

Career Coach is a program designed for students to discover majors, in-demand careers, and education based on student interests. Career assessments, career browsing, resume building, and educational program exploration is available for all Trinity Valley Community College students. In addition, free job postings from business and industry partners are made available to all Trinity Valley Community College students through Career Coach.

For questions regarding workforce education programs at Trinity Valley Community College, call the associate vice president of workforce education at 903-675-6232. 

For questions regarding Career Coach at Trinity Valley Community College, call the associate vice president of workforce education at 903-675-6232.