Associate of Applied Science Degree

The associate of applied science degree (AAS) is awarded for the successful completion of a two-year prescribed workforce and technical education curriculum and may be transferable to a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (BAAS). Substitutions for any course in the AAS degree or certificate requires the approval of the associate vice president of workforce education.

In order to be eligible for an associate of applied science degree (AAS), students must:

  1. Complete a minimum of 60 semester credit hours.
  2. Complete a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in the major field.
  3. Complete the prescribed curriculum for a two-year workforce program containing 15 semester hours of general education courses determined from the requirements outlined below.
  4. Earn a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on all courses attempted at the post-secondary level.
  5. Complete a minimum of 15 semester credit hours in residence prior to graduation.
  6. Complete TSI requirements.

General education courses should be transferable and included in the ACGM or on the college’s approved academic unique need course inventory. They must be selected from the following areas and include at least three semester credit hours:  language, philosophy, & culture/creative arts, social & behavioral sciences and life & physical sciences/mathematics.

Humanities/Fine Arts Social/Behavioral Science Natural Science and Math
  • Communication
  • American History
  • Mathematics
  • Language, Philosophy, and Culture
  • Government/Political Science
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Creative Arts
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences

2015 Guidelines for Instructional Programs in Workforce Education (GIPWE)