Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Trinity Valley Community College implements a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP) to maintain a drug and alcohol-free environment. Both TVCC’s local and legal policies outline the consequences regarding the use or possession of drugs or alcohol on campus. Trinity Valley provides opportunities for students to understand the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse through on campus events, available information and social media. Treatment, counseling, rehabilitation and re-entry information is available from the office of Student Access and Counseling on the third floor of the Baugh Technology Center on the Athens campus.

A team is assembled on a biennial basis to review the DAAPP.  The Biennial Review Team’s major task is to oversee the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program. The team is responsible for reviewing the requirements and goals of the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations and collect campus information to evaluate the program, review publications and produce the Biennial Review, including recommendations for future action.

Copies of the Biennial Review are kept on file in the Office of Human Resources and the Campus Police Department for the purposes of employee/student reporting and accessibility. The Biennial Review can also be found on the Student Life webpage and will be made available upon request to the Trinity Valley Community College public information officer.

More information about TVCC’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program can be found online on the student life webpage under the Drug and Alcohol Prevention link.