Student Organizations

Student organizations at Trinity Valley Community College vary from year to year in accordance with changes in student needs and interests.

All student organizations are required to operate under constitutions, which conform to the educational objectives and administrative regulations of the College. Some organizations are primarily social, academic or professional in nature. All students are encouraged to participate in a campus organization or club.

Risk Management Requirement for Student Organizations

In 2007, the 80th Texas Legislature added section 51.9361 to the Texas Education Code regarding risk management training of officers and advisors of student organizations. Consequently, universities and community colleges are required to provide training in eight different topics related to risk management. Advisors are required to attend risk management training once and specified officers are required to attend training annually.

TVCC is expected to disseminate this training content at a meeting of the full membership of the organization/club. Topics to be covered include:

  • possession and use of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs, including penalties that may be imposed for possession or use;
  • hazing;
  • sexual abuse and harassment;
  • fire and other safety issues, including the possession and use of a firearm or other weapon or of an explosive device;
  • travel to a destination outside the area in which the institution is located;
  • behavior at parties and other events held by a student organization;
  • adoption by a student organization of a risk management policy;
  • issues regarding persons with disabilities, including a review of applicable requirements of federal and state law, and any related policies of the institution, for providing reasonable accommodations and modifications to address the needs of students with disabilities, including access to the activities of the student organization.

Ag Club

TVCC’s Ag Club is open to all students attending Trinity Valley Community College. Any student who desires to promote agriculture and share fellowship with others of similar interests is invited to join. The club encourages leadership and participation in the activities of the Texas Junior College Agriculture Association. The TVCC Ag Club is also involved in supporting the community through service projects.

Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society

TVCC’s Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society recognizes the academic excellence of ADN students. Provisional membership is offered to students after their first two semesters who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have earned a B or better in each nursing course without any previous failures. Level III members conduct a group educational or recruitment project in the fall and after earning a B or better in Level III nursing courses and demonstrating conduct that reflects integrity and professionalism will be inducted as full members in Level IV. Transition students are eligible for provisional membership by achieving a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and earning a B or better in all nursing courses in the transition and third levels.

Anime Club

The Anime Club, serving Trinity Valley Community College, is committed to appreciating and enjoying anime and manga, as well as other aspects of Japanese art and culture. The Anime Club fosters a fun environment and experience for any student involved. The club mission is accomplished through sharing knowledge of anime, manga and Japanese culture while actively learning new things through readings, discussions, video viewing, themed art projects and games.

The Ark

The Ark gives students an opportunity to get together in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Food is served at non-profit prices. The Ark is operated by an informal student. The Ark is sponsored by the United Campus Ministry, an informal ministry to the students of TVCC and is provided by the cooperation of the A.M.E., Christian, Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian churches in the college area.

Beef Cattle Show Team

TVCC’s Beef Cattle Show Team is open to all students attending Trinity Valley Community College. Any student who desires to promote beef cattle show activities and share fellowship with others of similar interests is invited to join. Many activities may be scheduled for members, especially those who choose to compete in college beef cattle show events.


The Cardette organization is a precision dance organization which selects students on the basis of dance ability, character, personality, leadership and integrity. The style of the Cardettes is primarily advanced high kick, jazz, lyrical, high energy pom, clog and prop. The objectives of the Cardettes are to build school spirit, be ambassadors of Trinity Valley Community College and provide an area for advanced dance training. The Cardettes perform at all home football games, home basketball games, area events, state events, and perform at an annual spring production. 

Membership is earned by auditioning in the late spring for the following fall semester team. Once chosen, each Cardette must maintain full time student status with a 2.0 GPA or higher, each semester, and live on campus in order to maintain membership and scholarship awards . Each Cardette will earn 6 hours of college credit per semester as a member of the Cardettes.

Cardette Showgirls

Cardette Showgirls is a special group (8-14 dancers) within the Cardette organization who perform in the spring semester. The Cardette Showgirls are the competition team representing TVCC as well as performers for special events. The style for the Cardette Showgirls is high energy advanced pom, hip hop and jazz. Auditions are held at the end of the fall semester and are based on 2.3 or higher GPA, advanced dance ability, character and integrity. Each Showgirl will receive an elective credit as well as a scholarship award.

Cardinal Regiment

The Cardinal Regiment is open to all students who audition and demonstrate the ability to play an instrument or the ability to perform as a twirler or flag corps member. The Regiment performs at many ball games and presents concerts featuring traditional, modern and seasonal music. The Regiment also performs for many local events and takes a number of trips each year. In addition, band members may audition to participate in the Texas All-State Junior College Honor Band. Scholarships are available to all who audition. Participation in the Cardinal Regiment is not limited to music majors.

Cardinal Singers, Chamber Singer and Encore Choir

Cardinal Singers is open to any student who enjoys singing. The choir presents several programs each year at the College and for social and service clubs in the area. The choir participates in the Texas All-State Junior College Choir Festival and provides opportunities to participate in a Broadway style musical in conjunction with other departments in the Fine Arts Division. Chamber Singers and Encore choirs require audition for participation. Scholarships are available for those who audition.

Cardinal Cheerleaders

Cardinal Cheerleaders are students whose purpose is to promote school spirit, enhance sportsmanship and uphold high standards of conduct. They cheer for football, basketball and volleyball along with training for their own national competition. In addition, they conduct public relations tours of local high schools and serve as judges for cheerleader tryouts in the area. Cheerleaders must maintain a 2.0 grade average and be full-time students. Squad members are selected by tryouts and/or recruitment by the cheerleader coach. Cheerleading scholarships range from $500-$2,000 per semester and are based on overall skill set for each year’s team. Excellence in the classroom can lead to additional scholarship(s) that covers the entire cost of books.

Collegiate Ministry

Collegiate ministry seeks to promote the spiritual development of students through Christian fellowship, prayer, Bible study, discussion, service projects and social activities. All students are eligible to participate.

First-Generation Student Organization

The First-Generation Student Organization is comprised of first-generation college students, or which defined as students whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have not completed a bachelor's degree. By having an organization of first-generation students, the aim is to increase the likelihood of first-generation success at Trinity Valley Community College. 

National Association for Music Education (NAFME)

NAFME is a group designed to serve college students in two ways:

  1. to introduce the profession of music education and all its facets, and
  2. to assist students in making a successful transition from community college to music schools nationwide to professional musicians.

The group's activities include, but are not limited to, the following: attendance at the annual TMEA convention in San Antonio, lectures from guest artists, teachers, and/or scholars, etiquette seminars, professional development workshops, masterclasses, resume/CV editing and trips to public schools to observe teachers in the act of teaching.

Students who are interested in pursuing a music career in teaching (pre-K through collegiate), performance or a hybrid of both are highly encouraged to take part in this organization.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor organization for community colleges whose purpose is to promote scholarship, develop leadership and service and cultivate fellowship among students. In order to be eligible for membership in the local chapter, known as Iota Alpha, a student must attain a 3.5 GPA (including all coursework at TVCC except developmental coursework), have completed any required developmental courses and have completed 12 semester hours with TVCC. If a course has been repeated at TVCC, only the highest grade earned will be included in the calculation of the GPA. In addition, prospective members must be of good character, as determined by the faculty. In order to remain a member, the student must maintain an overall 3.0 GPA.

A student who seeks election into Phi Theta Kappa and who graduated with at least a B average from high school is invited to join the local organization as an associate member until he or she can qualify for membership in the national organization.

Phi Theta Kappa meets every other week during the academic year. Its activities and programs center around a study theme suggested by the international office, a project designed to meet a need of the college, as well as other student activities. Special emphasis is placed on those activities that promote scholarship. In addition to the many activities on the local campus, representatives of the chapter travel each year to the state and national conventions. The chapter has visited such places as Denver, Orlando, Anaheim, Nashville, Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis in recent years.

Red Bird Leadership Program

The Red Bird Leadership Program’s purpose is to influence students in ways to become better leaders. Red Bird Student Leaders will learn about leadership theory, have opportunities to put what they learn into practice and gain experience by serving as student leaders on campus. Through the process, they will increase their involvement on campus and in the community, build networks with influential people and influence others to become better people. Red Bird Leaders are selected through an application and interview process each spring and must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Student Ambassador Scholarship Program

The Student Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students desiring to serve and promote TVCC, working closely with The Office of Student Life & Diversity. They assist with college wide events and programs, as well as in the Advocacy Resource Center.

Student Ambassadors are selected through an application and interview process each semester and must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Completion of 12 semester hours at TVCC
  2. 3.00 cumulative GPA
  3. Be in good standing (e.g., not on probation)

Scholarships range from $500-$750 per semester.

Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body of Trinity Valley Community College. The SGA acts as the governing agency of the student body for the purpose of formulating policy pertaining to all students of the college. It also assists and advises in the planning and administration of activity programs; promoting student participation, morale and welfare on the college campus.

The Student Government Association is an organization comprised of students. Meetings are open to all students. To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours and must possess and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA on all courses completed in college. The president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and parliamentarian are elected in the spring semester prior to taking office in the fall. The freshman representative is elected during the fall semester. All officers must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA.

The process for membership includes an application and interview.  Applications can be retrieved in the Recruiting Office and are made available to all students. Meetings are held in the fall and spring semesters on the Athens campus on Tuesdays at 12:15 p.m. in the conference room of the cafeteria. Meetings are open to all students. 

All acts of the Student Government are subject to the approval of the college administration. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Recruiting Office.

Student Nurses’ Association

Student Nurses’ Association is composed of students who are enrolled in the Associate of Applied Science Degree Nursing (ADN) Program at Trinity Valley Community College. This organization provides information concerning current trends and issues impacting standards of nursing care and is the vehicle that encourages leadership in the professional group.

Nursing Christian Fellowship

TVCC’s Nursing Christian Fellowship is open to current and past students in nursing and related health occupation programs at TVCC. This Christ-centered professional organization enjoys affiliation with the national Intervarsity Nurses Christian Fellowship and is open to nurses in the community who desire spiritual growth and opportunities to serve and encourage one another through prayer meetings and devotionals. 

Rodeo Team

TVCC’s Rodeo Team is open to all students attending Trinity Valley Community College. Any student who desires to promote rodeo activities and share fellowship with others of similar interests is invited to join. Many activities may be scheduled for members, especially for those who choose to compete in college rodeo events.

Science Club

TVCC’s Science Club is open to any student who currently attends TVCC and has an interest in the sciences. The organization promotes the interest and study in a broad range of sciences, including, but not limited to, biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Science Club members are introduced to the scientific community and provided connections with various institutions concerned with science; such as, universities, museums, aquariums, planetariums, etc. The club strives to provide community college students with access to hands-on laboratory activities, an increased understanding of scientific inquiry, and an opportunity to foster a relationship with TVCC and the community. 

Students who are interested in becoming a member of the TVCC Science Club are encouraged to visit with any Athens science faculty member.