TDCJ Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees Schedule


The general Appropriation Act (House Bill No. 1, 74th Legislature) requires that offenders reimburse the costs of post-secondary education programs as a condition of parole. The general guidelines include the following:

  1. Costs incurred for a workforce or academic course that begins September 1, 1995, or later will be reimbursable. Costs include tuition, fees, tests, and any other required charges assessed by the college or university. Books are not considered a reimbursable item. Books will remain the property of Trinity Valley Community College.
  2. Offenders who have a voted parole action indicating a “Serve All” with a calculated date the same as their maximum expiration date must pay tuition for the course or qualify for financial aid.
  3. Offenders enrolling on or after September 1, 1995, may be required to complete an agreement to reimburse tuition and fees.
  4. The amount to be reimbursed will be based upon the minimum cost of tuition and fees at the college or university at which the student is enrolled. Enrollment in courses beyond the minimum will be at the expense of the student and due at the time of enrollment. Students must meet minimum academic criteria as required for any student in order to be enrolled for any and all courses.
  5. The college will charge the Texas Department of Criminal Justice- Rehabilitation Programs Division (RPD) for offender students who are enrolled on the official class certification date each semester or enrollment period. No pro-rated charges or reimbursements will be made.

Tuition for all TDCJ workforce and academic classes will be calculated at the rate of $39 per credit hour, minimum of $117. 

Tuition And Fee Schedule (2021-2022)

Academic classes will be charged tuition at the rate of $39 per hour. There is no general fee. Academic courses that require labs will have an additional $35 lab fee. Welding requires a lab fee of $35 per cycle.

Number of Hours Tuition
1 $117
2 $117
3 $117
4 $156
5 $195
6 $234
7 $273
8 $312
9 $351
10 $390
11 $429
12 $468
13 $507
14 $546
15 $585
16 $624
17 $663
18 $702
19 $741
20 $780
21 $819
22 $858